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Our Mission Statement

As volunteers, our goal is to aid in all aspects of search and rescue - the humanitarian cause of saving and protecting lives - by dedicating time, information, equipment, and skills to aid in emergency response, rescue and recovery systems.

Who Are We?

Based in Butte, Montana, 15-90 Search and Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing disaster and emergency service in southwest Montana. In response to persons in distress, our agency assists any authority, person, group, or emergency service with aid from our volunteers and their equipment.

Organized in 1963, and run solely by determined volunteers, this organization endeavors to provide our community with a complete emergency response, rescue, and recovery system. Every single one of our volunteers uses their own time and equipment or equipment donated to the organization so please consider a donation.

Other Services

On top of the search and rescue, we preform the following community services

  • Food Bank Food Drive

  • Assist with the Butte 100 bike race.

  • Christmas Stroll Parade

  • Assist local law enforcement and other agencies.

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